Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thoughts on the Obama Contraception Compromise

          Rachel Farris, an experienced writer, new media specialist, and active Democrat, takes to her acclaimed blog, MeanRachel.com, to discuss President Obama’s compromise on his controversial contraception policies. For those unfamiliar with the issue, it centers around a federal mandate requiring individuals, or employers that provide health insurance, to include free coverage of contraceptives in their health insurance plans. Though a drug utilized as a tool for women’s health, its association with abortion and pro-choice sentiments created a huge controversy, particularly among the Catholic community.
          Believing choice, or any talk of abortion, blasphemous, Catholic Institutions, such as universities, took great offense to the mandate. They argued that requiring them to cover the cost of contraceptives not only violated their beliefs, but also promoted abortion among women. After months of arguing, litigation, and public outcry, the President recently issued a compromise. Women working for these religious institutions will continue to receive access to birth control, but instead of being supplied by their Catholic employers, insurance companies will cover the cost. Sounds like a win-win for women’s choice and religious freedom, right?
          This is what Farris argues, and I agree. However, some continue to remain opposed, arguing that access to birth control for Catholic employees continues to promote violation of their beliefs. To such an ignorant statement, I take offense. Firstly, not all of the individuals that work for these institutions follow the Catholic religion. These individuals should be able to have contraceptives as they see fit. In addition, whose place is it to control access to contraceptives? The right to improve one’s health or live a particular lifestyle should be up to the woman, and no one else. We don’t let the Church tell us what antibiotic we can take, right? That’s ridiculous. Though some believe this compromise is a cop-out, I feel it continues to provide the necessary access to every woman, without having to deal with continuous outcry and stalling via the judicial system. However, some groups crying wolf will still likely pursue litigation. But before they do, though, I wish they would sit and think for a minute. No one is forcing women to take birth control. The mandate simply gives them access, if they so desire it.

Source: Farris, Rachel. “A few words regarding the Obama contraception compromise.” MeanRachel.com.  

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